Long distance running workshop

Learn from pro runners and ultra marathon winners on how to make your mark in the long distance running category.

Star Gazing and astronomy

Revel in the beauty of clear skies, stare at the galactic core of the milky way and learn about stars, planets and galaxies

Aerial filming and photography

The workshop is suitable for those who want to take their film making to the next level by using drones to shoot videos and pictures. This workshop is aimed at both the complete novice or to someone already making short films.

4 Wheel off roading workshop

Let professional off roader's train you in the art of taking your 2 and 4 wheels off the road. Learn the basics of traction, gearing and power delivery to conquer any terrain

Foraging Walk

Take a wander through the woods and fields around OLS Base Camp, to learn how to identify and use edible, medicinal, mechanical and poisonous plants and trees. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of nature and loads of hints and tips for tasty free treats and homemade remedies.

Mindfulness in the Outdoors

A 2 hour taster of what mindfulness in the outdoors can offer us. A chance to slow down, tune into our internal and external experiences and to savour the natural world around us

Introduction to Slacklining

Master the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between two anchors and improve body balance

Adventure sport filming and photography

Join outdoor photographer pro to learn about composition, story, travelling with photographic equipment, observation, timing and planning so you can get the best photos of your adventures in future.

Moto cross workshop

Interact with and let enthusiasts guide you about Moto Cross in this workshop.

Outdoor navigation and map reading

Suitable for complete beginners. Build your confidence to use a map and compass and become more self-reliant in the mountains. We aim to cover in a practical sense map to ground/ ground to map and use of the compass. We will cover Maps and Scales, Contours, Grid References, Hand Railing, Aiming Off, Pacing/ Timing, Compass work and cover any questions you may have during the day.

Cooking in the wild

Learn how to cook great camp food anywhere. Lesson on how to create inspiring one-pot meals on a camping stove. Including tastings and samples to take away. Camping food doesn’t have to be bland or uninspiring, we will show you how to create good, tasty and nutritious food! Whether you camp in the Himalayas or go on overseas expeditions, this will revolutionize your cooking in the wild.

Starting a fire

Learn how to build, start and maintain a fire using different techniques, so you can confidently have a campfire on future adventures.

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