Frequently asked questions

– If you have passion for outdoors, love of nature and are prepared to move out of your comfort zones (stop snoring , go exploring ! )
– You believe in the KISS principle (what are you thinking ? Ofcourse it is ‘Keep It Simple Stupid!’)
– You are on a quest : on inner journey to know your deeper self , to define the higher purpose and to self-actualise
– If you are prepared to light your own campfire than someone else do it for you
– You are prepared to hike for an hour to reach the festival venue with your pack (don’t get scared, we’ll lug your heavy baggage for you 😉 ). If you think you aren’t fit, start
preparing now!
– If you believe you’re the master of your destiny and are prepared to learn skills to ‘harness the storms’ in life
– AGE GROUP : 10 to 60 years. We do not have safe enclosures for kids and there are objective hazards of camping out in wilderness. Responsibility for safety and monitoring of kids activities rest with parents/guardians.

There will be cost involved in your participation in BCFI.
To cut your expenses we strongly recommend bringing maximum personal outdoor gear including your own tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, field chair, bum-pad etc.
– Tent (available for hire) or bivvy, sleeping bag and mat.
– Toiletries (towel, medications, etc.)
– Head lamp, water bottle and sunscreen (SPF) lotions.
– Solar charging equipment for mobile or gadgets.
– Snacks, munchies , energy bars as you like(they’ll also be available on payment at the venue).
– Ready to cook meals.
– Money (no credit/debit cards) for onsite purchases and for some lovely discounted outdoor kit available only at the Fest.
– Money for participating in adventure activities you wish to partake in (cards not accepted).
– Outdoor clothing and gears suitable for the event and your own adventure plans (day avg 20 deg , night avg 10 deg). Incase of rain (less likely) temperatures can dip dramatically (but you’re an adventure, aint you).
– Hiking boots are great but you can equally enjoy normal hikes with sneakers.
– Your curiosity to explore and your thinking cap.
– There will be selection and award for ‘Best Prepared Adventurer’ which expert team will judge during your entire stay. This is your chance to put your outdoor skills to best use.

– No plastic or glass. Bring an alternative (steel stuff or classical enamelled utensils are welcome)
– Alcohol
– Pets or other animals
– Jewellery or valuables
– Heavy/luxury apparels and personal effects ( remember your tent and your backpack will have very limited space )

At Base Camp you can either bring your own tent or we can arrange tents for you. There will be a nominal cost involved.
We strongly recommend you bring your own sleeping bags for hygiene.
The BCFI venue is spread along the beautiful Tons river. On site facilities include toilets, washing area and water points.
During the day you can try out outdoor adventures with like-minded people.
There’ll be bon fire at night where you’ll get a chance to meet explorers, hear tales of adventures and dance under the stars to live music.

Meals are available at the campsite (healthy and nutritious meals with variety of choices will be available at the venue).
If you have any food allergies or specific food requirement, let the team know in advance.

Two Men Tent: Rs 400

Sleeping Bag: Rs 200

Sleeping Mat: Rs 100

Please note the Tent we provide are on a sharing basis so either you choose an another partner or we can suggest for you.


Base Camp Festival is not just for a week, its for life!  There will be a noticeboard available for you to add your own adventure achievements in the form of a photo/poster/anything you can stick on a noticeboard (within reason please). Don’t be shy, whether it was your first camping trip, learning an outdoor skill, climbing Kilimanjaro or going to the North Pole, we want to hear about it and so will the rest of the Base Camp Festival community. Whether your adventure was big or small, all your inspiration is welcome (and we hope that plans for 2019 will be made during the weekend too!)


Outdoor Leadership School who’s is sponsoring this Base camp festival has been working for Girl Empowerment in Rural areas. Trying to bring more girls in the outdoor sport and encouraging them to follow their dreams. We want people to understand our mission and help us achieve it. More details on how you can help us in it will be declared during on of festival talks.


When you need to, please use the toilets. The surrounding fields and woods are for the birds and squirrels, not you.
Please use the litter bins and recycling points provided.
Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces or buildings. However, you can puff away in designated smoking areas.
To protect your own safety and that of other guests, please act responsibly at all times.
Warning: excessive exposure to loud music may cause damage to your hearing.
Warning: We can’t promise that everything won’t seem too mundane after th

– What if the number of people for daily stay exceed , can I still participate?
> YES! We’ll help you with arrangements either in hotels or homestays as per your convenience.

– What if I have a medical condition ?
> We advise not to attend this festival as there is a certain minimum physical level of fitness and activity involved.

– What’s the elevation of the venue?
> 2800ft approximately

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