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How will you come to Basecamp festival 2018?

HOw and Where to come?

Dehradun is the gateway to the mighty Himalayas. It is one of North India’s most well-known and frequented cities since it straddles all axes to the popular tourist destination of the ‘Queen of Hills ‘Mussoorie’ some 30 km away. The city also boasts of India’s best boarding schools and national institutions such as Survey of India, Wildlife Institute of India, Forest Research Institute, Indian Military Academy and the prestigious Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie.

How to reach Base Camp Festival location

  • From Jolly Grant airport: distance -41.2 km

    Time- 1 hr 15 mins.

  • From Railway station: distance (via Rajpur road) -15 km

    Time – 35 mins

  • From Bus Stand: distance via Rajpur road) -19.6 km

Time – 45 mins
Note: There is no public transport upto OLS or nearest road head at Purkal Gaon, only very limited direct private bus service to Purkal Gaon, so the best way is taxi from airport, taxi/auto from railway station or bus stand to this village. To save on your travel costs, OLS will also arrange centrally organized, subsidized light vehicle(s) from these points if indicated by you in advance.

Purkal gaon is well connected by metaled roads from several axes emanating from the city. Almost all city folks can easily give you directions to the village. The destination to aim for in Purkul Gaon is ‘mandir’ opposite the tea shop. There will be prominent markers at this point for parking direction. Transport and movement from his point is on a hilly dirt road and will be centrally arranged.

Walking/Cycling: The entire stretch of 1.5 km from Purkal Gaon to OLS offers beautiful walk of about 40 mins downhill. We strongly encourage all to walk/cycle down to the festival site! We will take care of transporting your luggage.


No parking will be permitted on site. For those cleared to drive their private transport further up from central parking at the road head in Purkal gaon, nearest parking is available approx. 500 m short of the venue. There will be marshals to help you park in the right place. Cars with unusually low suspension and without hill driving experience are not a great choice for driving beyond the road head.

Base Camp reserves the right to prohibit vehicles beyond road head if the weather causes the dirt road to become unsuitable for traffic. Base Camp cannot guarantee to have vehicles or equipment on beyond road head capable of being towed speedily if there is a breakdown on this dirt road.

Outdoor leadership SChool, Dehradun

Outdoor Leadership School (OLS) which is hosting the Base Camp Festival is located at the mouth of a distributary of the Tons river is approx. 1.5 km north of the biggest village on northern most periphery of Dehradun city, Purkal Gaon (Gaon is Hindi term for village) (shown as Punkal Gaon on google map).

Near Galogi Hydro Power plant on the banks of Tons River.

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