Canyoning , fire-starting, hiking, camp-cooking, slacklining, abseiling, knot tying, climbing, via ferrata , bouldering, bushcraft, navigation, yoga, white-water rafting, kayaking….. these are just some of the activities available at Base Camp 2018

During the Festival we have a broad selection of Activities designed specifically for beginners or those with intermediate skills. Most of the activities cost less than if you book elsewhere and many are completely unique, so its a great opportunity to try something new. 

Activity spaces are bookable from 8am on Saturday 4th August 2018 on a first come, first served basis. Some Activities book very very quickly, you have been warned. 

Please note: Activity tickets will be available to book until midnight Sunday 30th September. Any remaining spaces will be available to book on-site at festival reception.



This introduction to Indoor rock climbing is a great starting point for those with little or no experience of rock climbing. The primary focus is to let you experience what this sport entails by getting you to do as much as possible on a range of different climbs.

No experience is necessary. Our instructors are there to support and encourage you whilst sharing their knowledge and skills to help you develop in the time available. This course would suit people who have never climbed indoor or outdoor before or just haven’t climbed for many years and want to experience it again.  



Learn how to walk a slackline. You’ll be taught wire-walking techniques. Your chance to have a go at this fast growing sport and learn from the experts. No prior experience or equipment necessary. There’s an open session free-of-charge and also 60mins teaching sessions in small groups with instructors



Yoga useful for adventurers including stretching, strengthening, injury prevention, breathing, posture and relaxation. Providing you with some techniques and sequences to take on your next adventure. Please bring your roll mat with you (not the inflatable variety), there will be a limited supply of yoga mats for those without a roll mat



Rope Challenge circuit


Challenge yourself and learn new rope skills high in the Base Camp Festival woods. Individual and team tasks, learn how to move on a Tyrolean traverse , zip back down and Via ferrata bridges .No experience necessary, we recommend closed shoes to be worn.  

BCAR is an Adventure racing or multi-discipline endurance sport where competitors compete in teams, navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint in a number of disciplines in a marked course. This amplified race includes disciplines which test the spirit, physical and psychological endurance, coordination and love for the sport. At the end of this 20+ km of an adrenaline rush, you will be left for wanting more.

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